Information (16-8-2021) subject "This programme of questions and answers, PDF".

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Information (16-8-2021) subject "This programme of questions and answers, PDF".

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1) Information to the whatsapp yoga friends and yogam blog yoga friends.

2) As a part of the programme of the "questions and answers" for the "Understanding of Yoga through commonly used yoga terms" under the name of "Forum for Yoga Understanding" , an arrangement is made for the convenience of those who are interested in reading again and / or getting the printout of the questions and answers. For that is the present information.

3) A subdivision called "Yogam Blog as PDF" in the "Gallery Home" is started in the site . There are two sections as "Blog PDF - Telugu" and "Blog PDF - English". In these are uploaded the questions and answers in serial order one after the other with some number of them as a volume.

4) This is a facility for those interested in taking printout by downloading the volumes.

5) As an alternative to the above, the interested whatsapp yoga friends and yogam blog friends may use the facility mentioned below.

6) By contacting the moderator of this "Forum for Yoga Understanding", Mr. Katakam Sambasiva Rao, over phone or through message (mobile No. 8639715695 / 9885740045) or through whatsapp (mobile No. 9885740045) or through mail (email ID: [email protected]), they may get the volume / volumes by mail.

7) Important note: For the latest questions and answers relating to the "Forum for Yoga Understanding", only the yogam blog by the yoga friends and the yogam blog or the whatsapp by the whatsapp friends would have to be seen.