What this Forum is for and how to use it?

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What this Forum is for and how to use it?

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Bhriktha Rahitha Tharaka Raja Yoga, popularly known in limited circles as Master yoga, started on 29-5-1910, more than 11 decades back. Matters related to yoga were got recorded by the physical master C.V.V. in the name of Diaries, M. Course explanation, Master's course, M. practice First Origin, Explanation to spiritual progress courses (Merchary to T. Course, etc), Notes, The Planetary Leading Notes and by S. Sundaram, one of the three trans mediums in the name of K. Course, Record by the pupil, Notes by S.S. What was detailed in these Master records was rather not understandable.

Yoga was made to be understood by the writings of the then mediums and subsequently of the senior yoga sadhakas. Number of books and articles/essays came out in these nearly 111 years since the start of yoga in 1910.

The present scenario is that the yoga sadhaka community in general is not in a position to satisfactorily explain to itself what Master yoga is, what the yoga principle is, what the yoga aim is and what the fulfilment of yoga aim is. Let alone the matters related to the yoga as such as a whole, even the common words generally used in yoga parlance are not understandable to a considerable level of satisfaction.

In the backdrop of the present scenario, it so occurred as to why we should not understand yoga through very commonly used yoga terms at least to a moderate satisfactory level, just to explain to ourselves and not to others any way.

In this direction, it is conceived worthwhile to pose questions to ourselves with the commonly used yoga terms and proceed with the understanding of yoga.

To start with, we take the terms 'conquering of death' and 'physical immortality' which were considered as the aim of the yoga. Our question starts like this - 'what is conquering of death', 'what is physical immortality', 'are both one and the same', 'if so, how', and 'if not, what difference do they make or what is the difference in between them'.

A small attempt in this direction can be proceeded with only by the active participation of interested yoga sadhakas by trying to explain the questions or to raise queries of specific or general interest for the information of one and all of yoga sadhaka community.

The purpose of this programme 'Forum for yoga understanding' - Making yoga understanding possible through commonly used yoga terms and beyond that through any general points that lead to yoga understanding.

The role of the person acting as the conductor instrument of this programme - Giving explanatory answers, in accordance with the contents of the master's yoga records, to the questions raised through commonly used yoga terms and, even beyond that, other general points that lead to yoga understanding.

The role of the yoga friends who use this 'Forum for yoga understanding' - Giving vent to their yoga related questions/doubts, to the doubts/questions that arise out of the words used in the answers and to any other general matters which they think are related to yoga in writing through the website or to the conductor instrument of this programme by whatsapp. Those persons who cannot put in wiring, expressing the matter orally by phone to the conductor instrument (just as it was done by a yoga friend in question No.8).

Here, once again the role of the conductor instrument - Taking the matter expressed in writing by the yoga friends and the matter orally expressed over phone by some yoga friends. Deciding whether the matter is related to yoga or not. If yes, taking the matter as the subject of question. Then framing the question based on the subject matter (just as was done in the case of question No.8). And then subsequently giving answers to the question through the forum.

Note - In the case of those yoga friends who orally express the matter over phone, if the matter is found worthy of subject of question, the subject of question will be brought to written form with the consent of the concerned person by interaction through mail/whatsapp/sms as to the correctness of the matter.

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