namaskar Dear Yoga Sadhakas namaskar

yogam website has always been and will be an open platform for all Master Yoga Sadhakas and their varying and often differing views. We are neither subscribed to nor represent any one particular Master Yoga School or Schools, Medium or Mediums.

Any material, on and websites, whether in written, printed, audio or video formats belong to the respective yoga school/schools or an individual yoga sadhak or group of sadhakas. We neither condone nor reject any such views as such not a party to any of these views. We believe in representing the voice of every yoga sadhaka.

Master Yoga is neither a cult nor a relegion, but beyond any religion or philosophy past or present in the entire human story. We need not be religiously fanatical about or egotistically slavish to our own ever evolving thoughts, views, beliefs and experiences of Master Yoga.

One may disagree and differ with a particular view/views, but it need not take unsavoury forms of expression. Healthy discussion and debate is always encouraged and useful.

We humbly request all yoga sadhakas and yoga schools to respect other yoga sadhakas and yoga schools, however differing their view or views might be from your own.


We are One MASTER Family!

May our Beloved MASTER Bless us all with Love and Life!


















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