The gracious MASTER of this NEW YOGA was born at 10:20 A.M on 4-8-1868, in the house No.64, East Dabir Street situated on the banks of the sacred river Kavery in the holy city of Kumbakonam of Tanjore District in Southern India. He was born in an ancient respected Telugu Niyogi Brahmin family which had migrated from Andhra Area in the 14th or 15th Century. He was named as C.V. Venkasami Rao, Canchupaty Venkatarao Venkasami Rao. He is our most revered Master.

Master had his elementary education at Kumbakonam and his secondary education at Srirangam. His knowledge was versatile. He acquired proficiency in all the sastras and philosophies even by his teen age. He was proficient with astronomical, astrological and scientific theories. The explanations given by the Master in this yoga stand as a proof of his vast knowledge and erudition.

The graphic, picturesque and scientific presentation of the meta physical planes and his lucid explanations of the ABSOLUTE BRAHMAN the ORIGIN UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and the ANU (Sakthi energy) coming out of IT and his unfolding the mysteries of the apparent cosmic creation, reveal his innate spiritual capacities and his imbibed knowledge and his practical experience.

He is Brahman incarnate who has come to the physical plane, for the elevation of the mankind. To turnout solid work even God had to physicalise himself. The physical is the most important of all the bodies.






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