Master CVV Brikta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga Trust – Vijayawada

Master CVV Brikta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga Trust was founded by Sri. Lingipilli Ramarao of Vijayawada 0n 19/02/2004. Sri. Lingipilli Ramarao is the Founder and Managing Trustee of this Trust. 

This is an independent trust with no formal affiliation or subsidiary to any other Master Yoga Trust(s). 

Sri M. Rajarao (Swamy), Jyoti Nagar, NTPC, Karimnagar Dt., has donated 204 square yards (34w x 54d) of vacant land in Vijayawada to the BRTR Yoga Trust. on 02/12/2004 (Land Registration Date), for the purpose of constructing a Yoga School.

Sri Lingipilli Ramarao laid the foundation stone for the Yoga School on 04/12/2008 and subsequently the Yoga School was completed with 3 floors consisting of Yoga Sadhaka accommodation, Prayer Hall, Kitchen and Dining Halls.

Any of our yoga sadhakas can visit and stay at the Yoga School. For futher details, please contact Sri Lingipilli Ramarao, who is the caretaker of the Yoga School.

Yoga School Address:

D.No: 43.106/1.13A,
Master CVV Yogashrama Veedhi,
Indira Naik Nagar,
Ajit Singh Nagar,
Vijayawada – 520015

Contact: Sri. Lingipilli Ramarao


+91 – 9440764740

+91 – 9550660222 

Note: Brikta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga is registered under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, as such any donations to the Brikta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga Trust would benefit from  the 50% income tax exemption, meeting certain criteria.